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AUSDOG’s aim is to develop happy, confident, obedient dogs and make training an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both owner and dog.   Wth a significant client referral rate this is testament that John is committed to providing happy outcomes for puppy and dog owners.  An accomplished behavioural specialist and trainer, John has become recognised as melbourne's premium training and behavioural modification specialist. 

Simply put, he is good at what  he does.

John firmly believes that training should be structured to suit the individual dog’s character, temperament and lifestyle.
It is his belief that training conditioning and socialising in realistic situations are the secrets to achieving a happy confident well mannered family companion dog.

John will  assess your dog's individual character and temperament and provide you with better understanding of your dog through education and correct handling. Dogs do live at and around your home, and this is where they are best trained.    For this reason John specialises in personalised training.

  • Full time professional
  • Government licensed and fully insured
  • Over 30 years international experience
  • Highly recommended by clients
  • Highly recommended by veterinarians
  • Specialist in behavioural problems
  • Puppy training solutions 
  • Training structured to suit you, your puppy or dog
  • AUSDOG come to your location
  • Achieve results quickly with long term benefits              
  • Children involved in training
  • All breeds, all ages, all problems
  • Simple, easy to learn  
  • Times to suit as arranged Monday to Saturday-Sunday


We invite you to call us to discuss your puppy or dog training needs or simply drop us a line through our Contact Us Page

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