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Vet Testimonials

Our Veterinarian highly recommended AUSDOG 


                                                        Veterinarians highly Recommend AUSDOG

Dr. Greenwood
Canterbury Veterinary Clinic,      
Surrey Hills    

AUSDOG training is quick and efficient and the feedback from our clients is always positive. We have no hesitation in recommending AUSDOG to all of our clients

Dr. Lynda Bonning                      
Canterbury Veterinary Clinic
Surrey Hills                       

John has successfully trained many Canterbury Vet Clinic dogs, of all ages, shapes sizes and temperaments to be model canine citizens. His methods involve teaching the human family how to get the best out of their dog and the dog to be a respectful well mannered family member. Our clients often talk about him and do not hesitate to tell tales and true about his amazing ability to 'tame the beast' and by imparting wisdom to them-keep the beast tamed! My staff and I prefer to get John involved with our own pups (and clients pups too) from about 12 weeks of age. This gets everyone on the right track from the beginning, and ensures a well behaved confident adult dog that everybody can enjoy!

Dr. HughWirth                             
Balwyn Veterinary Clinic

(International President RSPCA)


I have known John @ AUSDOG for many years and regularly refer my clients who have dogs with behavioural problems to him..  I have never received any report of  John using harsh or cruel training methods.                                

Elgar Rd Veterinary Clinic            
Box Hill Nth      

We continue to refer our clients to AUSDOG, as we know that John understands both people and their dogs.  We regularly receive feedback of the highest accolades from our pet owners.       

Dr. M. Newport 
High Street Veterinary Clinic,

At High Street Veterinary Clinic we regularly recommend John owner of AUSDOG to our clients for everything ranging from basic obedience to specialised behavioural issues.  Often when faced with behavioural and training issues, we find the problem is two fold - the dogs are undisciplined/untrained, and the owners unsure of how to manage the problem. We have found Ausdog's 'train the dog AND the owner' approach to be extremely effective, providing both an insight into the dog's behaviour and clear, easy to understand instructions so that the owners are able to achieve better results, faster.

Vet Centres Pty. Ltd.                      

I first met John Harkin in 1998.  Like many people who have spent a lifetime doing something, he is very good at it!

Thrifty Vet,

We find that being able to get clients to ring AUSDOG and briefly discuss their problems is of great value. It is not an area we feel well qualified in, nor do we seek to.

Dr. Alan  
Mont Albert Vet Surgery,                 
Mont Albert                

My experiences with AUSDOG have been very positive so far all clients I have referred have been very happy with the outcomes, including several clients who had dogs with very complex problems.   

Dr. Graham 
Village Vet,                                     

In our experience AUSDOG poses two things with our client's problems; either solve problem or if unsolvable, tell the client. We continue to refer clients to AUSDOG who we highly commend

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