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John Harkin founder and owner of AUSDOG is recognised as Melbourne’s premium and innovative behavioural consultant and training specialist.  Personally developed by John over many years, along with his 'unique style' is testament to why John's passion for what he does inspires so many.

*Due to the Privacy Act we cannot provide full names and addresses of Client Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from some of his many satisfied clients:   

Thank you John, an amazing transformation of the little pooch. Can't believe one session can make such a difference. Will let you know how he goes over the next week. It's actually a pleasure to walk him again.

Amanda J


We have a new puppy! Tell John that Ted was excellent on his walk this morning!  John was fabulous so thanks very much!

Jo W 


Thank you John for coming out on Sunday, Cooper is a new dog in just a hour and a half. No more sooking, walks well on lead, no more getting out of bed at 3 am in the morning !

Julie G 


John Harkin pretty well trained me as well as my dog, Meg. He gave me the confidence to build a strong relationship with Meg. So many people have remarked on how obedient and socialised she is, whilst still having a chance to just be a dog! I tell all my friends to ask John to help them. I think you owe it to your dog to get John to help you become a responsible owner. And the whole training process was such fun. John is a fabulous character and I can't thank him enough.

Barbara J C

Thank you John, that was the most enlightening and educational 2 hours I have ever had (we) have ever had. Life changing. I feel like we have got our house back and our lives and be able to enjoy our pets now. Have a great night. Hope to see you at our play πŸ˜‰Ana, Gary, Patrik, Lara and Filomena. 😊

Massive thank you to John 

Before John came over our 15 week old American Staffordshire girl Lola was a little terror. Her biting was getting ridiculous, she would bite that hard it would draw blood and leave a gash, we couldn't even play with her because she just be biting the whole time  She also would refuse to walk on a lead, sometimes pulling so hard when she saw another dog or person that she would be choking herself .Some of the other things were jumping on the couch and refusing to let go of items example socks and shoes. Since John's been around she is a completely different dog. She hasn't bitten us once. And she walks on the lead like a dream, doesn't pull at all. No more jumping on the couch she just sits on her mat I highly recommend getting john in if you have dog behaviour problems.  Thank you so much John

Carly M  


Re-adjusting Rueben 

John, My sincere thanks for the Time & Information/ Instruction, that you imparted to me Thursday morning John. Believe me, my heart had been heavy since 'The bite situation '. I now know that the behaviour can be altered with the correct approach/strategy on a continual basis (management). I am in fact looking forward to the future days as I unroll my new relationship with Rueben. In fact I also will enjoy the new terrain that we are going to cover in the district. We are going to look a neat team as we strut our stuff around this neck of the woods.  I am indebted to my son Garrett for arranging the meeting between us. 

Regards Marleene H



Thank you so much for your time today teaching us stupid humans how to be better masters :) as I'd suspected nothing wrong with our dogs Sidney and Harry our Border Collies,  just bits wrong with us / again thank you for your time i was invaluable

Louise V


Dear John

My sincere thanks for your time with Milly and I today. I learnt a great deal and look forward to my time with Milly as a well behaved little girl 

Kindest regards

Lynne G 


Hello John,Just wanted to say a very big thank you for all that you have done for us with Ines and Ari.From day one they have walked so well.Over the Christmas break we were down at the beach walking and sitting amongst other people whom had dogs on and off lead.Ari and Ines were perfect.  The change has been so dramatic.We are amazed at the instant results.p.s. Obviously it wasn't the dogs that were at fault :)


Martha, George and Elly  


Thank you John, we wish we had found you earlier!

Teddy our 20 month yellow lab had become aggressive towards other dogs & barked furiously at all dogs on leads and acted as though he is going to attack them while we would try and drag him away, until John came and fixed the problem very quickly within 1 session.  Prior to John's arrival ,  we had 8 sessions with another dog trainer with no improvement at all, except the suggestion that we needed 8 more sessions.  No way!

It was truly amazing how quickly and skilfully John fixed our problem, and we now have very relaxed dog walks again with not one bark at another dog. We would recommend John to anyone who needs any help with their dog; he revolutionised our lives! We have a very happy dog now and are extremely grateful for John’s expertise. We still cannot believe how amazing John was; it is hard to put into words. 

Gill & Owen M
South Yarra

We are so grateful for John's expertise. The peaceful home with doors able to be left open is amazing ! Puppies are quickly adapting to the new rules. John's a marvel!!

Thank you soooo much!!

Kind regards 

Jillian & Les P
Malvern East

John came to our house in Mornington to train our 8 & 9 year old Staffiies.  We were convinced that they were beyond help & we would be stuck with dogs that pull on leads, were aggressive towards other dogs, barked at people walking past... the list goes on. Within the time spent with our dogs, John had them walking next to us on the lead (WITHOUT pulling), sitting at each street corner & waiting to be invited onto the street, not being fussed if another dog walked past & NO barking at the fence when people walked past our house. We cannot recommend John highly enough, we were blown away by not only his ability, but also the knowledge & insight that he gave us about how to enjoy our dogs. We can now have breakfast at a cafe with our dogs at our feet, all the while another dog sitting next to us, walk them with no stress & be confident that they aren't barking whilst we are at work. By far the best investment we could have made. 

Thanks John!! Tuzz & Rhys M :)

Hi  John,

Just wanted to say thanks for coming to visit Ted and I for training.Ted is truly a changed dog. His confidence has grown, is far better behaved and is no longer scared of every new human or loud sound. We’re still both learning, but his improvements after learning to walk on the leash and behave at home is astounding. Once again thank you so much. Ted is now a very happy boy and has settled into his adopted home so well thanks to your help.

Many thanks again,
Conor (& Ted).
Princess Hill

Please can you pass on to John our thanks for coming to see us and our puppy Stanley yesterday. Stanley's behaviour has improved in 24 hours! John was great with my 9 year old who was a bit nervous handling Stanley. She is more confident with him and knows why we need to follow the house rules as well as give him lots of cuddles and massages. Thanks again for your help

Best wishes,
Sam W & Family

The arrival of our new puppy was a very exciting time, however the reality of the challenges of a new dog quickly became apparent; toilet training, chewing shoes…..John's visit was all that was need to give us the information we required to set boundaries for our puppy.  The results were basically instantaneous, with a week of reinforcement, we have a well behaved, toilet trained dog that responds to commands. I would definitely recommend John service to anyone with a new puppy or a dog that you are having issues with.


Mike N

After the death of our beloved old dog, we decided to purchase a 'rescue dog'. Abbey is proving to be a great family dog, but initially came to us with many issues.  Being an adult cattle dog with not so pleasant background, she arrived with lots of  love to give AND attitude.  On the advice of our Veterinarian we contacted John at AUSDOG. John came as soon as he could and the results were immediate-due to his incredible skill, and practical positive no-fuss manner and training methods. John explained the thinking ways and needs of a young cattle dog. Even though we have always had dogs, this dog's breed needed to be taken into consideration and handled accordingly. John has a friendly no fuss and thoroughly professional approach towards his clients. He was more than happy to spend extra time following up and checking on Abbey to see how the training was coming along.

Thank you John for being so wonderfully patient with our rescue dog and "rescuing" us!

Dr. M Williams  


We were really impressed with John. Within a couple of minutes of him meeting Milly our Labrador he had put her in her place. The dogs have been really well behaved since he left. The walks are going well.   John trained Wayne and I well.   Please pass on our thanks.   

Helena H

Dear John   

Just wanted to let you know that Gus has been great.   No barking at door and so much easier to walk.   Money well spent.    

Anne M

Thank you John for setting us on the right track with our new little one, Doc and for helping us to assist Aus in adjusting to his new little mate. Your advice was invaluable 12 years ago when we adopted Aus and remains just as essential today with our new Labradoodle puppy.

Paula C

Thank you thank you thank you, Ausdog! My little princess is now a True Princess. It was an absolute miracle what you accomplished John.   Bless you from the bottom of my heart.

Tabitha O

John, you saw me and Lucy (8 month Border Collie). I just want to say a BIG Thank you for your help. I am now able to enjoy my dog. Amazing work ! In just one session no barking and I'm able to take her on a walk wihout herding cars. 

Cheers Barbara B  

Mont Albert North

Morning John, It's been a week since your visit with our 5 month Labradoodle and all is going well. We finally have a dog that we can control and enjoy! The children are no longer getting upset because he jumps up on them or takes their toys. When we go for walks, it's a calm and pleasant experience. He now comes everywhere with us and has become a big part of our family. Thank you so much for your help and we would happily recommend you to any family with a problem dog! 

Kind regards
Fiona & Daniel K
Croydon North

G'day John, Thanks for coming out the other day. Had fun and learnt a lot, sorry i had to leave early for work. Kel n I took Vinnie out yesterday, first road we came up to straight away stopped and hasn't crossed one since even when were both on the other side, so looks like it has stuck already.

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