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In Home Dog Training

 AUSDOG Quality Guarantee    Quality Training, Quick Results, Long Term Benefits  
   Tailored to suit you, your dog, your lifestyle
   In most cases 1 Session is all that is needed


Most dogs live at home with you, or where you take your dog around local streets, parks, shops or cafe's this is where owners need help in the realistic day to day situations.

"There is no 'one method' for all dogs, all dogs are individuals this is why many people struggle with the communication and handling of their puppy or dog" 
John Harkin, owner AUSDOG

Why in home training with John?

Whether it is puppy training, behaviour, socialisation or dogs that have behaviour problems all dogs are different and so are their owners.  John uses the method that is right for you and what suits your individual dog. Training methods have been personally developed by John over many years so you and your puppy or dog benefit from his years of expertise and in a fraction of the time most would think. 

Everyone has different needs ....

The benefit of a training with John at and around home is that you learn very quickly what is right for you, your dog, your family,  lifestyle, home environment.  John personally tailors the training to suit your individual needs and that of your puppy or dog.  This is what saves you time and money and eliminates confusion. Working with individuals, couples, families including children and their dogs in realistic conditions makes the difference. 

Yes, you can

Achieve quick results with long term benefits in a fraction of the time. All Ages, All Problems

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Why Should we use AUSDOG?

AUSDOG is a government licensed training company developed owned and operated by John Harkin

In most cases all that is needed is 1 1/2 hour consultation lesson.

John specialises in remedial training to rectify behavioural problems in adolescent and adult dogs along with better education and understanding for dog owners and their children on how to care for, raise and train their pups in the correct manner to avoid future problems, creating a happy well behaved companion for the whole family to enjoy for many years.

Real solutions and results for people who appreciate quality.  John brings his expertise and knowledge to you and he has plenty of it. 

As a highly respected Professional behavioural specialist and trainer , John knows how to achieve the best results for his clients and their dogs.   He takes away the confusion and shows you how simple it is to correctly handle, manage and communicate with your dog the right way. 
Where others talk about it, he achieves positive outcomes time after time where others fail.   John will help make owning a dog an enjoyable,  safe and rewarding experience for all concerned.

Want to know more? ....Feel free to 'contact us' through the on line enquiry form or simply call (03) 9870 5105

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