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Dogs Suited to You   

In our opinion two of the major causes of Australia's high euthanasia rate of dogs is people being misinformed with regard to the selection of suitable dogs and impulse buying without receiving professional assistance.

Selection of suitable dogs
There are many reasons why a dog that is suitable for one person can be unsuitable for another

There are many factors to consider, not only the dog's breed character temperament and disposition.

You must not only consider your likes and dislikes, you must also take into account your home, garden, lifestyle, children, committments, neighbours, your health and your bank account.

All of the above differ from person to person, family to family, home to home, therefore the dog that is suitable to you can be totally unsuitable for the family next door, this does not mean it is a bad dog just an unsuitable dog for their situation.

For Example;

Would a sheep farmer go out and buy a cattle dog to herd sheep? Nothing wrong with the cattle dog except it is totally unsuited for herding sheep, would a duck hunter use a fox terrier to retrieve ducks, no he would use a retriever not a hunter.

Critiques written about dog breeds are a lot like character references written for people, you will rarely find a bad one.

Breeders may breed fantastic dogs, but are they suited to you and your lifestyle?

For example I love the look of a Mercedes Sports or a BMW Z2 sports but to own one for my lifestyle and budget would be totally unsuitable. 

If you would like to receive the best advice on what dog would suit you we suggest you consider a consultation where we come to you and assess your situation and make our recommendations on the dog most suited to you.

Our recommendations are based on having worked with many thousands of dogs in and around people's homes rectifying problems that could have been avoided through correct selection and training in the first instance.

We do not breed or sell dogs and have no alliance to any particular breed or breeder therefore we will provide you with a totally honest and unbiased opinion on the most suitable dog for you.


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