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AUSDOG is a Melbourne based, Government licensed professional dog training company founded by John Harkin owned and operated by John. John personally developed his Ausdog 'unique' style dog training which he specifically developed as he treats all dogs as 'individuals' and so too their owners. View John's  Mission Statement

AUSDOG is not a Franchise.

John has over 30 years full time professional dog training experience and is well respected as a professional trainer and behavioural modification specialist who knows how to achieve the best results for his clients and their companion dogs in a fraction of the time that most would expect. 

John is dedicated to working with individuals and families to ensure that 'Mans best Friend' remains that way, he believes that without clear and simple directions, your dog will become or remain confused and not behave in the manner you wish, despite wanting to please you.

AUSDOG specialise in providing the following services;

Training companion dogs of all ages and breeds and teaching owners including children on how to correctly raise and train their family companion puppy/ dog.

Teaching owners how to gain effective control of their puppy/dog and how to rectify undesirable behavioural habits that their dog may have developed.

Teaching dogs to have good manners under all conditions and in all environments.

Correct socialising in realistic conditions *Streets, Parks, Local Shops, Cafe's
Provide a pre-selection service assisting people on the most suitable companion dog for their lifestyle to help avoid the many pitfalls in relation to selecting a suitable companion dog.

Introducing and establishing the correct managment of an adopted/rehomed dog to their new home

Helping new parents to be 'condition' their family dog in preparation for baby's arrival.

Assist with existing family companion dogs that have been part of the family for some time to adjust to lifestyle changes such as the arrival of a new baby, or a change of residence, additional pet.

John comes highly recommended by  veterinarians  and our many satisfied  clients.

If you would like your dog to be a well behaved enjoyable companion, John can help you achieve the desired outcome quickly and effectively.  Specialist in producing confident, happy, well behaved sociable family companion dogs.  You are  invited  to call AUSDOG to discuss your training needs.  We're here to help.

AUSDOG is a Government licensed, fully insured professional dog training company.


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Dog Training and Behavioural Modification Specialist, Puppy Training Specalist

AUSDOG™ is a Registered Trademark owned by John Harkin

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